Its Time for Blockchain to Leave the Basement

After the 4th Consensus conference in NYC, and blockchain conferences popping up all over the world, the crypto world seems poised to take the next crucial step out of the underground and into mainstream society. It’s safe to say if you’re reading this article, you already understand the revolutionary nature of blockchain technologies, and the myriad of projects and potential that stem from it. So why is there still resistance, and what needs to happen to hit the tipping point of adoption?

1. We Have to Refine Our Security Measures

Regardless of the warnings, advice and available information, security of crypto-assets is still an issue. Yes, the blockchain might be immutable, but the truth is that people aren’t. Nor is code. Even with the best intentions, we all make mistakes. And with literally millions of dollars up for grabs, it’s no real surprise that more than $2 billion USD has been lost since 2011, or that people are afraid to enter the space when there seems to be such a pervasive risk that you’ll lose your hard earned money.

Right now, to protect your crypto-assets, you also require an in-depth knowledge of how the blockchain space works, public and private keys, vulnerabilities, exchanges, points of attack, how to use wallets, why one is better than another… the list goes on!

Thankfully, ECOMI has simplified security in a truly unique way, with the Secure Wallet, protecting you from the ongoing risk of hacks, scams, malware, and viruses. This credit card sized storage device not only gives you the maximum security available (certified CC EAL 5+) with ultimate portability, it is literally your own personal bank, not only storing your crypto, but enabling you to use it to pay for goods/services where ever bitcoin is accepted by generating QR codes.

Moreover, the Secure Wallet is never wired to an online device, and through ECOMIs companion app you can store, interact with and organise your cryptos without ever risking the safety of your private keys. It is revolutionary technology like the Secure Wallet that will allow the mainstream population to begin adopting blockchain technologies, without complicating the process. Check out the video below for more information, and get one for FREE during the ECOMI Crowdsale, with a purchase of $500 or more. On now at!

2. Your Mom Needs to Be Able to Use It

Ever tried to explain something new to someone…old? It can be a big hill to climb, and it is one being faced by the crypto-verse on a daily basis. For blockchain to truly climb out of the depths of the tech-world, more focus has to be placed on interaction and experience. We have to design platforms with simplicity, and with the end-user experience in mind. For blockchain technologies to be adopted by a mainstream audience, they have to be:

  • Easy to use
  • Familiar
  • Have a purpose that encourages interaction or use. For example, it can be designed to solve specific problems or be used for entertainment.

Whilst there are many iterations of blockchain tech, the most user-friendly way to bring these technologies to a wider audience is to include them in a smart-phone app. In this way, developers are able to introduce the benefits of a blockchain without having to explain how to use them. For example, you don’t need to understand Instagram’s algorithm to be able to edit and post photos. It is this refinement of user interaction that will help blockchain to be adopted.

ECOMI Collect has been designed with the user in mind. Issuing non-fungible tokens on the blockchain allow for the immutable purchase, verification, and sale of licensed digital collectibles. The user, however, interacts with Collect in the same way they would with any app interface. With its intuitive design and additional features such as augmented reality, the Collect app has gamified the blockchain to bring digital collectibles and artwork to the masses, and actively encourages its use with rewards and new collectables.

3. Crypto-Tokens Need Greater Purpose

Crypto-tokens sit at the core of the blockchain world. Beginning with Bitcoin, and with more than 1500 other tokens now available, there is no shortage of tokens. Where we fall short, however, is in the actual use-cases of these tokens (their utility value), and our ability to use them in the real world. When most people think about bitcoin, they confuse it for money. Yes, it can be used as money, but it is not money. It is a protocol. A piece of code. A digital asset.

As such, we need to tailor the usage of crypto-tokens to the digital world, rather than trying to adapt it to the existing system of physical money. For blockchain technologies to be more readily adopted, we must consider the role of tokens themselves, in order to:

  • Create real-world uses and purposes for the tokens. As mentioned, ECOMI Collect is one example of this, in that you can use OMI tokens to purchase digital collectables, and become the verified owner of these digital assets. The wider ECOMI ecosystem also allows you to stake OMI tokens to access products and services in lieu of a paid subscription, giving the token a real-world utility in a digital space.
  • Create innovative ways to store, access, and spend tokens on goods and services.
  • Remove the need to convert to and from FIAT currency. Right now, this is a massive point of contention, in that the ability to use tokens as money relies on existing banks, credit card companies, and payment systems. This drastically reduces their usability, can be influenced by, and in most cases stopped, by financial institutions who fear to lose their grip on the worlds financial capital. As Jeffries states:

“The fastest and most liquid way to bootstrap a new economic ecosystem is to change the way we distribute money.”

The U.S. financial system is fundamentally flawed to operate as an efficient economic system.

So rather than distribute tokens in a top-down system, we need to create a completely separate financial system whereby users are rewarded with tokens for their participation on a network, and then have the option to use those tokens in a number of ways. One of the first hurdles in this system is to streamline and unify the way we use tokens to purchase real-world goods.

Through the innovations offered by ECOMI, mainstream use and adoption of crypto-assets are one step closer. As a community, we still have a number of issues to solve, and ECOMI will be at the forefront of these developments to ensure inclusiveness and feasibility of a tokenised financial system moving forward.

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