How to Swap OMI for Gems

VE-VE is officially live on both Android and iOS devices! The following tutorial details how to swap your OMI tokens for Gems, so you can collect your favourite fandoms with VE-VE.

Where Can I Swap OMI for Gems?

In order to swap OMI for Gems, you must first download the VE-VE Android or iOS app and create your VE-VE account. Then you can swap OMI for Gems in the following ways:

  1. Via the in-app OMI wallet in the Android app
  2. Via the VE-VE web wallet for iOS or Android users

Both options are explained in detail below

Some Housekeeping Before we Begin

As always, we recommend starting off with small amounts of OMI when sending, receiving, or converting to ensure you have the correct details

OMI is a GO20 token, you may also need a small amount of GO tokens when sending OMI from an external wallet into VE-VE. 1 GO is enough for thousands of transactions. If you need further assistance please contact our community on

Send only the amount of OMI you intend to swap into Gems. You can send OMI in and out of VE-VE an unlimited amount of times, but you cannot swap Gems back into OMI tokens.

When converting OMI to Gems 1 Gem is always equal to $1 USD, whereas the OMI token fluctuates with market value. As such the amount of Gems per OMI you receive when converting is based on the spot price at the time of conversion.

Enable OMI Wallet on Android

Before you can receive OMI tokens to your VE-VE account on android, you will need to enable your OMI wallet. After signing up / logging into VE-VE, follow these steps to enable your OMI wallet:

  1. Tap the Profile button on the right of the bottom menu
  2. Tap Settings and then tap OMI Wallet
  3. Toggle the switch to enable the OMI wallet
  4. Return to the Profile tab and tap Wallet
  5. In your wallet will now see your Gem and OMI Wallets.

In order to use the OMI wallet, simply tap send/receive to see your OMI wallet address. To send OMI into the VE-VE app, tap copy or share under your OMI address, or scan the QR code.

Swap OMI to Gems on Android

Once you have enabled your OMI wallet and received OMI tokens to your account in VE-VE, you can swap them for Gems by following these steps:

  1. Tap Profile then Wallet
  2. Tap the Convert OMI to Gem button
  3. Enter the amount of OMI you wish to convert to Gems. If you would like to convert all of your available OMI into Gems, select the max option
  4. If you are happy with the conversion amount, simply select Convert OMI to Gems and the OMI to Gem swap will take place

Conversions usually take place within a matter of minutes, and are indicated by the OMI Conversion in progress banner — when this disappears the conversion is complete and both your OMI and Gem Wallet balances will update. You can see the details of the conversion by clicking Transactions on the Gem and OMI wallets

iOS, Android and Web Users

For all VE-VE users, a web wallet is also available on mobile and desktop. After you have created your VE-VE account, you can log in to the web wallet using your VE-VE details, as these can be used across all devices.

Convert OMI to Gems on Web

  1. Go to the web wallet
  2. Log in with your VE-VE account details
  3. Click the Convert OMI to Gems button
  4. Enter the amount of OMI you wish to convert to Gems. If you would like to convert all of your available OMI into Gems, select the ‘max’ option
  5. If you are happy with the conversion amount, simply select Convert OMI to Gems and the OMI to Gem conversion will begin

After the conversion has completed both your OMI and Gem balance will update to reflect the changes. Then, you can log out of the web interface and log back into your iOS device and you will see your updated Gem balance (Profile > Wallet)

Where can I get OMI Tokens?

If you would like to acquire some OMI tokens and go through the conversion process, they are currently available on the Bitforex and Bitmax Exchanges.

Information on this channel is subjective and should not be considered financial advice and is subject to change. See disclaimer

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