New York Comic-Con celebrations, James Bond + No Time to Die cinema partnership, VeVe goes to Designer-Con and we wave goodbye to season 2!

VeVe Turns One!

Last week we celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the first NFT release on VeVe (and of course- the Todd’s birthday!) as the team jumped into an absolutely mega AMA on VeVe Twitter spaces.

In it, we recap some of the stories from the past 12 months and dive into…

VeVe welcomes The Little Prince, OMI puts on a show, Alex joins the Women X VeVe and first appearance characters and comics hit the platform.

VeVe Welcomes The Little Prince 🤴

First published in France in 1943, Le Petit Prince tells a simple yet philosophical tale of a grown-up meeting his inner child, a young prince, who travels the universe gaining insight, knowledge, and wisdom about life and nature.

Passed down for more than 75 years, the novella is now available…

Multiple-drop weeks have arrived, the AR comic reader is live, Altcoin Daily names OMI as their #1 pick and we open up the community spotlight for any clips you may have missed.

Digital Comics in Augmented Reality

Digital comic NFTs have been available on VeVe for almost one month, and the entire experience was recently upgraded as the AR comic reader went live. …


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